A Transcription of

Harrison M. Frodsham's

"Some Material for a Résumé of Remontoires"


Installment of February, 1879
(Escapement of Detouche and Houdin)

[The Horological Journal. Vol. XXI (?), No. ?? (February, 1879): 75.]

[Page 75]


(By HARRISON M. FRODSHAM, 84, Strand.)

AN arrangement by DETOUCHE and HOUDIN shown in the accompanying diagram,1 may be compared with the much later escapement of Voss and Monnington, p. 52 in the last volume. [Note: this is somewhere in the September to December 1878 installments that I do not, at the time of this writing, have.]

[Note: The [square brackets] in the figure caption below appear in Frodsham's original text.]

[This diagram was accidentally given last month as fig. 5 of Wagner's Escapement. It was, however, sufficiently obvious that the lower portion of fig. 4 was the fig. 5 referred to in the text.]

[Footnote to the January, 1879 installment. In the original this footnote was, unlike those of many previous installments, numbered.]

1 "Revue Chronométrique," vol. i. p. 205.

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